AMYAN JEWELLERY – how it all started?!

AMYAN jewellery – how it all started?!

Jewellery has been part of my conscious life as far as I can remember. When I was a kid it was my mom’s and aunt’s jewelry. And now nothing will make me get out of house without properly accessorizing. I am not wearing jewellery to complement my outfit, jewellery is a part of my outfit, it is a part of me. I might go out for food shopping in trainers and pretty much in t-shirt, but I still will be wearing a decent amount of jewellery.

I always knew what jewellery, what type and what kind I like and want. But it has not been always easy to find pieces that I like. The idea and desire of doing it on my own started to obsess me!

Last year was challenging, so I decided to turn it around by focusing on a creative process. I decided to occupy myself with sketching jewellery that I always wanted  and started having a more clear picture that I want to do my own line. Well, and the creative process started then and there!

Completely unaware how challenging it would be, I finally found people who could make my sketches into real pieces of jewellery, designed and built my own website, utilized my friends and network to have logo, photoshoots, etc.

The process was challenging, time consuming and at times very disappointing, made many mistakes, but, hell,  I got to a point where I am able to share my jewellery with everyone now!! Super excited !!

And, of course, it goes without saying that without the help of my family and friends the journey would have been impossible!