Lia is my name, AMYAN is my brand. I created jewellery for myself for years before my visualizations and ideas came to life as the AMYAN brand in 2018. Seeking inspiration in art, nature and contemporary culture, I design jewellery with a simple approach. It is my way to express thoughts and feelings.

AMYAN is handmade jewellery with clean shapes, and a rustic minimalist approach that are also at times characterized by vague lines. It combines raw elegance, simplicity and an interesting mix of femininity and masculinity. Many of the jewellery pieces are unisex and many pieces are designed as an odd-pair. AMYAN jewellery is handcrafted in Rome using 0.925 sterling silver. Using silver as the main material, the pieces get a subtly unfinished surface treatment.  

AMYAN jewellery is designed for everyone, for every day and for every occasion.